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Telephony is constantly evolving. We offer a number of solutions that we can tailor to your business needs, whether you are a sole trader or a business operating from a number of sites.

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Here are just a few of the areas where we have telephony covered:

  • Advanced VoIP systems
  • Full PABX functionality
  • Call groups, transfers, voice-mail etc.
  • Remote extensions anywhere
  • Non-geographic / out-of-area numbers
  • Plug and play re-location
  • Standard telephony
  • Cheaper phone calls & lines
  • Cheaper mobile calls
  • Install a new line, or save money on your existing one


Low-cost, feature-rich telephony

The Internet cloud based telephone system from Southern Cross. CrossTalk does everything that you need a telephone system to do, without actually needing a telephone system.

Just phones…

You no longer need a telephone system in your office, as we handle all of that for you in the cloud. All you need to do is to choose which phones are most appropriate for your staff and business, plug them into your network and start using them. We do the rest.

Ideal for any business…

Regardless of the size of your business, CrossTalk can adapt to suit your needs.

Cost effective…

Because you are using virtual telephone lines over the Internet when you need them, you’re not paying a fixed cost per line.

You move, we move…

If you decide to move offices, or work from home, you just take your phones and plug them in to your new office and your telephone system follows you automatically.

A few questions you may have...

Yes, most numbers can be ported to our service.

Yes, you can have as many numbers as you wish.

Yes, CrossTalk can email you with every new voicemail message that you get, and include the message as an attachment, so that you hear your message straight away.

All calls between any extensions, regardless of where in the world those extensions are, are FREE. You just pay a low, per second price for landlines and mobiles.

Yes – to use virtual telephone lines you do need an internet connection.

The quality of your calls through Internet telephony technology will be the same as that of your traditional phone but you need a stable internet connection.

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