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We install and support networks and IT infrastructure of all sizes

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Hardware maintenance and upgrades - we can help you get the most from your hardware.

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Years of experience with computers - available to our customers.

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We have in-depth knowledge of all popular operating systems from tablets to corporate servers.

System upgrades

Get more... for less!

Computers and IT systems are modular in nature, which means that it is often possible to upgrade individual components without buying all new equipment.

Computer ComponentsTell us what you currently have and we’ll assess what can be done.  We may well be able to augment your existing system with the latest technology by speeding up your existing network or upgrading your software. Give us a call, and we’ll take it from there.

It may be possible to add a server to your existing infrastructure, giving you new features and facilities, or upgrade your existing server - all with minimal down-time and little disruption to your working day.

Or, it could simply be a case of reconfiguring what you already have. We managed to increase a customers network speed by a factor of 10 just by changing the location of some of their existing equipment.

Simple steps that we can take to upgrade your system include:
  • Extra memory
  • Latest software
  • Faster network equipment
  • More storage
  • Improved system configuration for easier sharing and collaboration

Email or Phone Southern Cross IT on 01794 400 105 to see how we can upgrade your system.