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We install and support networks and IT infrastructure of all sizes

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Hardware maintenance and upgrades - we can help you get the most from your hardware.

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Years of experience with computers - available to our customers.

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We have in-depth knowledge of all popular operating systems from tablets to corporate servers.

IT Support:

If it's IT, we can do it!

Call us in to troubleshoot your IT issues and we will respond rapidly with a detailed  assessment of your problem. With our combined years of experience and our determination to keep up with anything new that comes along we can offer solutions to all of your IT issues, both software and hardware related.

We offer various support packages for homes and small business including pay as you go and contracted IT support services throughout Hampshire. Below are some of the common problems we deal with, although this list is by no means exhaustive!

Broken Laptop
  • Constant error messages
  • Files lost
  • Slow machines
  • Virus and malware removal
  • Internet speed issues
  • Printer problems
  • Wireless issues

We can fix all this and more on Windows, Linux and Mac systems, and we can also offer you solutions to prevent the problem happening again.

Contact Southern Cross IT to see how we can help with your IT issues.