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Why Cloud?

Get more and pay less!

CloudCloud computing allows you to work far more flexibly than you have been able to in the past. Traditionally your data (emails, documents and spreadsheets) was all stored either locally on your desktop PC, or on your local server. Whenever anyone remotely needed to access their (or a colleague's) data they would have have to "login" to the company network to do so, creating technical complications and relying heavily on the speed of the company's existing single Internet connection.

Cloud technology allows everyone to access the data from within the Internet, making it considerably more straight-forward and flexible to access data from anywhere at any time, and only requiring an Internet powered device such as a traditional desktop PC, laptop, notebook, tablet or even - increasingly nowadays - a smart-phone.

Is it safe?

Yes! It is safe, accessed using the same secure technology used for online banking.

Is it secure?

Yes! Generally more secure than your current server. If you use a cloud based system, you are entrusting your data to companies such as Google, which means you are investing in a company that has a bigger budget for security than you do.

Is it fast?

Yes! Companies such as Google and Amazon are constantly upgrading their infrastructure and data centres, to meet the demands of their users.

Is it reliable?

Yes! Companies such as Google and Amazon invest considerable amounts of money in making sure that your data is stored in a redundant fashion across multiple servers and locations. This means that if there are any issues with one of their servers in the cloud another server picks up the task without you even knowing that any problem occurred at all. Also, Google guarantee that their services are available for 99.9% of the time.

Why is it so much cheaper than traditional computing?

By being efficient and buying in bulk. Google have thousands of servers providing their cloud services, grouped together in clusters. This makes them cheaper to maintain and run (with no call-out charges!).

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