Southern Cross IT saves the day!

Sometimes technology can be frustrating!  Here’s how we managed to save the day for one of our clients ….

Last week our client, let’s call him Mr X, asked us to resolve an issue he was having with his emails.  Mr X, was extremely frustrated because since his son had changed email provider (to BT) to their home/business he had been unable to send emails.  His son, we’ll call him Mr Y, was still able to send emails.

We booked a telephone appointment with Mr X and Mr Y and were then able to establish a remote connection to both of their computers simultaneously.  With these details in front of us we then set up a three way conference call between ourselves, BT and Mr X/Mr Y using our own internet phone service.  By doing this we were able to resolve the problem quickly and efficiently, to the delight of Mr X and the relief of Mr Y!

We can do EVERYTHING I.T. here at Southern Cross IT!  This case study highlights just three of our many strengths ….

- We can remote in to a computer (or several at once!) rather than having to visit in person, saving our clients valuable time and money.

- We can offer our clients a full internet telephone service (CrossTalk) with many advantages over a conventional land line system, including the facility for conference calls.

- We have the knowledge to help our clients to resolve complicated problems with their service providers and other agencies if things go wrong.

Do give us a call for a no-obligation chat about how we might help you with your unresolved I.T. issues, or to discuss the benefits of an internet phone system.