SSD Drives – Speed up your computer and achieve more every day!

Romsey-based company Southern Cross IT can help you to work more productively with a new piece of computer hardware …..

Traditional Hard Disk with platters and a mechanical arm

Traditional Hard Disk with platters and a mechanical arm

Your hard disk could be slowing you down! Up until now, traditional hard disks have consisted of a mechanical spinning plate with a metal arm, and although technology has advanced the speed of these hard disks significantly over the years they have now reached their performance limit. New technology had to be called in to save the day!

Step in Solid State Disk Drives …… SSD Drives are significantly faster than traditional hard disks as they have no “seek time”, which is the time it takes for a hard disk to find the data that is required. With a traditional hard disk this requires the spinning of the plate up to speed and then the movement of the arm across the spinning disk. All of this is eliminated with an SSD Drive as there are no mechanical parts – the information is found electronically instead.

A modern SSD with no moving parts

A modern SSD with no moving parts

So, to allow your PC to be as fast as it needs to be, enter the world of SSD!

To find out whether your PC is compatible with a shiny new SSD Drive, please contact us at Southern Cross IT – we can help you with all your IT and computer needs (AND internet telephones, AND a new website, AND some very clever cloud computing!).

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