A new home

Southern Cross IT has moved!

Having lived at socross.co.uk since 2003 (when I was 16!) the time has come to move to a new domain name: southerncrossit.co.uk

Why? To start with, we are fed up of having to spell out S…O…C…R…O…S…S to people on the phone when giving them our email addresses – particularly to technical support companies “so that’s F…O…C…R…O…F…S…?”.

But our main reason is SEO. Our new domain name much better describes who we are and what we do. This is really very important in a domain name, especially for small businesses, as it gives search engines a helping hand when people want to find our website.

It also makes our domain name and email addresses easier for people to remember or even to guess (this is in fact why it is better for SEO), Jason at Southern Cross IT is not only my email address but it is semantically true, I am literally at Southern Cross IT. Wouldn’t it be great if all email addresses worked like that!

This is the first of many posts on our new blog at our domain. Stay tuned for more new, tips and particularly geeky humour from Southern Cross IT.

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